Working with Reputable Brokers

Periodically, we see in the headlines where a broker has ripped off dozens of small truckers by not paying them.  How does this occur?  Usually a newer broker advertises loads on the load boards THAT PAY MORE THAN THE GOING RATE.  This is almost always the sign of a trap.  There are enough truckers who need a good paying load to help offset the low paying load they just hauled that they will jump at the chance to earn an additional $300 to $500 above the going rate.  In fact, they are so anxious to get the good paying load that they will BYPASS THE CRITICAL STEP OF CHECKING OUT THE CARRIERS CREDIT.   We have seen this happen many times over the years.  What is usually the inevitable result?  NO PAYMENT AT ALL!!!  The Carrier is screwed!  In many cases, this can be enough to put a Carrier who is barely surviving out of business.  That is Tragic and need not happen.

How do you avoid hauling a load for which you will never be paid?  Check the Credit!  One FREE SERVICE that AmeriTrust Capital Corp. offers its Carriers is FREE CREDIT CHECKS!  Check the Credit of the Carrier BEFORE YOU HAUL THE LOAD.  If you sell your freight bills to AmeriTrust, the credit checks are FREE!  To find out more about other AmeriTrust services that help small carriers and Owner-Operators stay in business, call Juan Cardenas at 1-800-732-2921, X-216.

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