Saving for Annual Registration and Tags

“It happens every year and usually at the worst possible time.” We have heard this refrain many times over the years, and it is always interesting to see how tragic it can be for some carriers when they have not saved up any money for their Annual Registration and Tags.  Some carriers go out of business because they don’t have the money.  Others raid maintenance and tire funds to register their rig – only to end up in trouble a few weeks or months later, when they don’t have needed maintenance funds to repair broken equipment.  Is there a better way to do this?  YES!

At AmeriTrust, we have an optional savings program being utilized by several of the carriers with whom we work.  Upon their request, we withhold a small amount per load in order to accumulate a type of Registration Fund. Let’s say the carrier designates a $50/load investment. This carrier typically hauls 9 loads a month.  $50 x 9 loads = $450/month.  Since the average rig costs about $2400/year for Registration and Tags, it takes a little over 5 months for this savings reserve account to be fully funded. Some carriers ask us to continue building this reserve account beyond the five months so that they also have an “extra emergency fund” accumulating.  $450/month x 12 months = $5,400/year.  Have any of you ever broken down on the road and had to call a Tow truck to take you to the nearest garage?  How much did that cost?  A small fortune!  The funds you save at AmeriTrust can help you avoid severe financial distress. Saved money is available any time you want it! AmeriTrust will release the reserved money, no questions asked. We can even pay it directly to a towing or insurance company, on your behalf.  For more information on ways that AmeriTrust helps its small carriers and Owner-Operators stay in business, please call Juan Cardenas at 1-800-732-2921, X-216.

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