Have Questions?


What is third-party Quick Pay?

Also known as “factoring”, third-party Quick Pay is the process of selling your invoices to improve your Cash Flow.

AmeriTrust gives you money up-front for your Accounts Receivable. Don’t wait 30 days (or more!) for payment. Our Quick Pay products will give your company the power to pay bills in a timely manner, keep your trucks moving and grow your business without incurring bank debt.

What sizes of trucking companies do you Quick Pay?

We primarily deal with trucking companies who own anything from 1-10 trucks. Larger companies are welcome too! We can build custom contracts to fit special needs.

Do you have any location restrictions?

We can do business with companies across the lower 48 states.


Where can I get an application?

Fill out our Contact Form, or call 1-800-732-2921.

How long does it take to process my application?

We have a simple application process with no fine print. Most applications are completed within 24 hours. We can pay you as soon as we get the completed contract and your invoices!

Is there a minimum amount of time I need to be in business before AmeriTrust will Quick Pay my invoices?

There is no minimum amount of time you need to be in business. We realize cash can be tight. AmeriTrust offers financing that automatically increases as your business grows. We look forward to working with new companies. Our goal is to get YOU a continual cash flow so that YOU know exactly when you’ll be paid, then YOU can focus on the important stuff, like growing your business!

Invoicing & Collections

Do I have to submit all my invoices? Do you require factoring for everyone of my customers?

In a word: NO – It is up to you which accounts you decide to factor. We know you may have customers that pay quickly, or that can offer a direct Quick Pay at a lower rate. Keep those accounts for yourself. Just send us the bills for your customers that are slower in paying, and we will fund your company within 24-hours of receiving the original paperwork!

How do I receive my money for the invoices I sent to AmeriTrust?

We have different payment options that you can choose from, including issuing a ComData card. You pick which option is best for your company. For more information on our various payment options, call 1-800-732-2921, or just fill out our Contact Form.

When will I get my money?

We pay all invoices within 24 hours after receiving a copy of the Bill of Lading on the load. Please call (800) 732-2921 or fill out our Contact Form to learn more.

How can I get MY Quick Pay account information after I sign up?

We offer 24-7 account access online on this website, through a secure login. Information is available there anytime. (Your company will be assigned an Account Login once signed up under one of our financing plans). Utilizing this site, you can view an Aging Report, Account Statement (payments made and pending payments) Report and MORE! All in real time!  If web access is unavailable, you are always welcome to call us for information regarding your account. 1-800-732-2921