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What the MDI Means to Carriers

As we enter into the month of March, there are a number of things to be very aware of in the industry – most importantly is the tightening truck capacity.

Internet Truckstop has just posted their MDI at 15.52 for this week.  That is a 25% jump since last week!  For those that need a bit more clarification on this, the MDI is the Market Demand Index which measures Loads vs. Trucks.  An MDI of 7 means there is an equal ...

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Dealing With Bad Weather Driving

The Winter months can be very trying for a driver who deals with Bad Weather on an on-going basis.  Cold and storms usually create icy roads, slick surfaces and reduced visibility. Holiday travel brings more cars, pickup trucks and SUV’s to the roads, which are being driven dangerously by inexperienced and careless drivers.  All this winter activity greatly increases the risk for a Professional Truck Driver.  So what can you do to avoid accidents and shutdowns while waiting out a ...

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Adding Another Truck

What happens when your Customer has more loads, and wants you to add another truck?  To grow the Company, you will need access to capital or business financing. It takes money to grow. The challenge is finding and obtaining financing. Most banks are unwilling to provide business loans to small transportation companies. Some Carriers have already maxed-out their credit with loans on current equipment.

What do you do?  Usually, Carriers go to a Used Truck Equipment Dealer and find a truck ...

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Saving for Annual Registration and Tags

“It happens every year and usually at the worst possible time.” We have heard this refrain many times over the years, and it is always interesting to see how tragic it can be for some carriers when they have not saved up any money for their Annual Registration and Tags.  Some carriers go out of business because they don’t have the money.  Others raid maintenance and tire funds to register their rig – only to end up in trouble a ...

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Working with Reputable Brokers

Periodically, we see in the headlines where a broker has ripped off dozens of small truckers by not paying them.  How does this occur?  Usually a newer broker advertises loads on the load boards THAT PAY MORE THAN THE GOING RATE.  This is almost always the sign of a trap.  There are enough truckers who need a good paying load to help offset the low paying load they just hauled that they will jump at the chance to earn an ...

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Welcome to AmeriTrust

AmeriTrust is starting a Blog! 

We provide Financial Services to help trucking companies solve their cash flow problems. Our customer service and support can help your company grow and prosper. AmeriTrust’s Quick Pay Programs will relieve your cash flow problems!

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